Saturday, September 16, 2006

Democratic Chairwoman Slaps Lingamfelter with Truth

Del. Scott Lingamfelter, the radical nutwing from Woodbridge (who unfortunately happens to be my representative in Richmond) was doing a little dissembling, as many GOPers are wont to do, when he was publicly bitch slapped by the truth.

Scottie was trying to sell a bag of humbugs by way of how Virginia spends twice as much today in transportation as they did 10 years ago; and of course, according to his logic, this absolutely proved Virginia didn't need any additional transporation funding.

But as the Fauquier County Democratic chairwoman pointed out in a published op-ed, "Virginia had been running an on-going deficit for nearly a decade [in 1996] that threatened the Commonwealth's financial stability." And quite naturally, over-all spending for EVERYTHING that year was down.

When inflation and the high cost of living are combined with the population explosion in Northern Virginia, throwing out a 10 year-old figure to boost one's argument well, is just so pathetic and Rovian-Bush-Allen like.

For using Scottie's logic, if a state enjoys a 100 percent population increase and the price index increases by 100 percent, one doesn't need to increase their government budget to keep up with inflation and growth, just trump out doubling budget figures and bemoan runaway spending.

After all, what is needed to fix ANY problem is fiscal restrain; oh, and more tax cuts for the wealthy, of course.

Lingamfelter's sham argument is full of holes. Howling Latina knows selective data and spin when she sees it or hears it. Now thanks to the gentle lady from Marshall, readers of Fauquier Times-Democrat/Citizen know it as well.

You should run against Lingamfelter in 2007!

Well, at least, someone should. No one has for a while now, and that's embarassing.

You could announce your campaign at the Sunday Supper Club and help take the Virginia Legigislature back from the free-lunchers.
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