Friday, September 01, 2006

Another Flower Bouquet for Rishell

Goodness, this is beginning to be an embarassment of riches.

Another local newspaper highlights Jeanette Rishell's campaign; she is running to replace Harry J. Parrish who died earlier this year.

In an article by The Gainesville Times, the Democratic rising-star nabs the headline and more than a few lines to voice her political perspective; and without the usual he-said-she-said of equal space for her opponent, Jackson Miller.

Indeed, Rishell is able to skillfully frame her campaign themes of moderation, dedication and purposefulness.
"I feel that I am in the mold of Harry Parrish," she said. "Harry Parrish was someone who was willing to sit down and talk to people ... he was a very good listener. And I have a tremendous respect for that and that's why I've knocked on 6,200 doors, because I want to listen in the same way."
The classic example of commitment and reasonableness.

Rishell also nails Miller by framing him as another inflexible radical Republican out of step with his district.
Rishell...levied charges that Miller is an extremist right-wing Republican. Miller has said, however, that as a delegate, he would concentrate on issues such as transportation, the negative effects of illegal immigration, and taxes instead of "being a leader" on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage, which he does oppose.
Oh goodness, is Miller running away from his earlier pledge to "protect the unborn" as a delegate and flip-flopping on us?

The demographics in the 50th District are ever-changing and consistently more favorable to Democratic chances of winning, specifically Rishell. Now it looks like the media is helping to spread her campaign message.

Stay tune. For folks who may not know this tidbit of trivia, Times Community endorsed Gov. Tim Kaine in '05. And Howling Latina has a sneaky suspicion they're not especially fond of Councilman Miller and may endorse Rishell in the fall.

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Every time JR tries to claim the mantle of Harry Parrish, it's another nail in her coffin.

She is nothing like Harry Parrish. She should run on her liberal credentials rather than trying to steal the good name of a strong conservative like Harry.

I can guarantee you that the folks who are hanging around with JR at her anti-marriage-amendment rallies and other events would never have voted for Harry Parrish, the pro-life candidate who only rarely voted against the pro-life community.
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