Wednesday, August 02, 2006

WaPo Lays Bear Allen Lies

This morning in a Washington Post article about Senate approval for oil and gas drilling in the Gulf Coast, our junior senator from Virginia is quoted and then slammed by the fist of facts that directly contradicted his premise.

The Senate measure would open 8.3 million acres in Lease 181 and an area south of there, considered promising natural gas prospects. It would also provide a 125-mile buffer zone for Florida. And it would channel 37.5 percent of the royalties to Gulf Coast states and 12.5 percent to the Land and Water Conservation Fund.


[L]awmakers supporting the bill cast it as a national security issue. Sen. George Allen (R-Va.), for example, said enactment of the bill would "makes us less dependent on the Middle East for energy."

The United States imports most of its natural gas from Canada, with Trinidad a distant second. Less than 1 percent comes from Egypt and Algeria combined.

Oops, less than 1 percent. Howling Latina feels safer already.

Hell, this gift to the oil and gas industry, together with last year's zillion dollar give-away is bound to exponentially increase industry profits; as to the price consumers pay, Lord-knows how high the price will rise.

But don't worry; we have the word of Allen and his band of rubberstampers that GOPers are doing everything they can on behalf of the public.

Thanks for keeping this issue in the spotlight.

When are folks going to realize that drilling NOW is nothing more than a gift to BIG OIL...

We really might need this oil later when the crunch comes....and then WE could use this oil and save some big bucks versus GIVING it to BIG OIL to sell on the open market...

We get to pay for all the environmental messes that will result and Big Oil gets to "clean up" using our precious rexources to make more money....

Thanks George...once again you sold us out...But some of us caught your hands in the cookie jar...and your hands are RED!!
What is truly amazing is that you are comfortable with the status quo and having the elites, big oil, and multinational corporations BUY our elected officials....

I prefer someone like Webb who hasn't sold his soul.

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