Monday, August 07, 2006

Retired Columnist Pens Scathing Column

Thanks to BuzzFlash, Howling Latina came across a column by retired columnist Jimmy Breslin in

Breslin decries the shameful and sloppy reporting on the war in Iraq and reminds us of the toll on American lives.

With the last few weeks totally focused on Israel and Lebanon, Breslin points out how the media has given short shrift to the deadly violence in Iraq that saw 57 American soldiers die since July 1 and counting...

"In case we all forgot," Breslin reminds readers, "Americans are still dying in Iraq."

I was watching the endless television coverage of Israel and Hezbollah/Lebanon killing women and children and then picking up the papers to read almost exclusively of the same thing. I found no picture on television and almost no mention in newspapers of Americans dying.
Howling Latina's favorite slapdown is when Breslin says, "The obligation of reporting is to tell and tell and tell of the deaths and great injuries of young Americans sent to die by old draft dodgers in Washington."

Now there is a true journalist with the spine to write and report the truth.

I mean, if CNN's Lou Dobbs can devote at least one segment each and every night to the baseless threat of immigration and outsourcing of jobs, surely every media outlet can do likewise with stories about how our soldiers are dying for a war without cause.

Well, considering how they neglected to write and report unfavorable news in the lead-up to war and jumped on their embedded bandwagon on the road to Baghdad, maybe they'd just as soon readers forget how miserly they failed us when full disclosure might've made all the difference between war and peace, life and death.

I think Mainstream Media is giving the Bush regime another break by letting us "forget" the Iraq Quagmire.

Cheney and Bush definitely don't want us to connect the dots and realize that what they are labeling "sectarian violence" is a civil war already in progress in Iraq. Especially not with Senator Warner stating that Congress has not approved US troops to be in Iraq under the conditions of a Civil War. Once the neo-cons say the magical words "Civil War" Congress may be forced to act and make "exit plans" a reality

The neo-cons surely don't want their incompetencies and failures to figure in on their current march to war on Iran.

After all, we can't have Americans thinking of the consequences of illegally invading a more powerful country than Iraq...and failing...because that will really put us in a pot of hot water with some deadly consequences....

Doesn't anyone wonder why today's news omits all context....can't have us connecting the dots and thinking. Lack of context is a sympton of mental illness...Lack of context is an effective propaganda tool. In return for their propaganda favors, the Republican Congress is going to help de-regulate the telecommunications industry via new FCC regulations and also throw in gutting Net Neutrality.

They definitely don't want us thinking and discussing this stuff. Don't even think about how the world will react if Bush and Cheney force the Pentagon top brass to use a nuclear bomb if they illegally attack Iran..

Unfortunately for all of us, Cheney and Rumsfeld don't value the Pentagon's opinion when it comes to military plans and action.

IF Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush are able to make their plans a reality I believe it's going to be average Americans who end up shocked and awed. It's the average American who has nothing to gain from an Iran invasion and everything to lose.
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