Friday, August 11, 2006

Beware of Cons Bearing Gifts

GOPers are so friendly and helpful; and now they’re so sad.

During the last 48 hours, it seems every Republican east of the Pacific Coast has bandied about with gnashing of teeth and screeching wails because Lieberman lost.

Their grief is due to the fact that now Americans are sure to view Democrats as the ‘cut and run’ party and will reject them in the fall elections to their party’s demise. Boo, hoo, hoo, hoo.

Please forgive Howling Latina if she doesn’t join the chorus of cries and instead rejoices in the fact that Democrats at long last have stood up to conventional wisdom and voted their conscience for the candidate who shares their worldview.

In the latest Rovian maneuver, the New York Times reports how this latest wrangling by Republicans was all coordinated well in advance of the well-publicized foiled terrorist plot in Britain which they knew was to come.

The arrests were announced less than 24 hours after Vice President Dick Cheney and other Republican officials suggested that Mr. Lieberman’s defeat reflected the world view of a Democratic Party that was not prepared to lead the nation in such dangerous times.

Mr. Cheney, who a spokesman said had been kept abreast of the investigation, suggested in his remarks Wednesday that the outcome of a Democratic primary in Connecticut could embolden “Al Qaeda types.”
Read between the lines, FOLKS! You think it’s just a lucky coincidence? It’s all a con game and we’re the mark.

In typical fashion, this administration time and again uses the fear factor to gain our confidence and then promises to protect us from the miniscule threat (one has a higher probability of winning the lottery, getting hit by lighting, dying in a car wreck, falling off a rooftop, in other words, the threat is over-hyped).

The final step in the con is to con the citizens to give up their God-given rights under the Constitution and all the powers contained therein. So yes, when people say our soldiers are dying for freedom, HL thinks to herself, fighting the battle to record in history that a nation must be ever-so vigilant and guard against leaders who would con them.

Con in the very real sense that Bush and his cronies have encouraged their “mark” to accept the unthinkable, break international laws and treacherously gain promised peace and democracy, which through the blood of our soldiers is finally reflecting the bankruptcy of their initial premise.

Indeed, just like any confidence game, it’s nobody’s fault. Just unfortunate glitches so please stay the course while we continue to fleece you. Oops, we didn’t have enough troops; oops, we didn’t have the right plan; oops, we didn’t have enough money; oops, we ran out of time; oops, don’t blame us, it’s the Democrats fault.

Leif Wenar of the University of Sheffield via Boing Boing perfectly summarizes the snake oil peddled by the Bushies:”a false sense of insecurity.” Repeated over and over and over again.

Hopefully, after five years of their boogeyman bullshit, come November, the public will appreciate the harsh reality that they’ve duped; its all a confidence con-game with the neocons dripping in stocks, gold and cash.

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