Wednesday, August 09, 2006

AFL-CIO Clout to Help Day Laborers

After trashing and maligning undocumented workers and blaming them for every American ill from crime, transportation, over-crowded schools, poor testing scores and oh, yea, obliterating the white American way of life, the AFL-CIO joined forces with day laborers and will be offering them legal assistance and political muscle to ease their burdens in life.

The Washington Post reports:

The AFL-CIO voted yesterday to join forces with a national network of day-laborer organizers in a push for worker rights and legalization for unauthorized workers, a move that could provide day laborers with a potent ally in efforts to establish hiring halls and combat shifty employers.

Six years after organized labor made an about-face to support illegal workers, the agreement further cemented the struggling labor movement's embrace of illegal immigrants as key parts of the U.S. workforce and potential union members. Research indicates that about three-fourths of day laborers are in the country illegally.

Of course it's in the union's self-interest to court the largest growing minority and ever-increasing blue-collar pool of workers in construction, landscape and artisan trades.
For day laborers and their organizers, who have faced high-profile opposition in Herndon and elsewhere, the agreement offers access to expert lobbyists and lawyers and a chance to devise strategies with local councils of the 10 million-member AFL-CIO, which backed sanctions against illegal immigrants until a policy shift in 2000. The partnership does not require day laborers to join unions.

Muy inteligente, señor

It's a win-win situation for everyone -- except of course the racist bigots like Sen. George Allen and GOPers like Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado.

Hopefully the blowhards will be booted out of office very very soon (like this November is not soon enough).

You got that right sistah!

Did you see that Bush is doing a fundraiser for Allen in Fairfax.

LOL...ALL Allen has is money money money money!!

That's the main problem. That corrupt idiot who't been bought by the corrupt corporate lobbyists AND the neocons needs to ride off into the sunset ASAP!

Buzz Buzz
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