Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Torrent of Bad News for GOPers

Taeggan Goddard's Political Voice reports that CQ politics still believes California's race in the 50th district to replace convicted felon former Rep. Randy Cunningham is "too close to call."

And yet...reading recent tea leaves, Goddard writes that "a number of factors appear to favor Democratic candidate Francine Busby (D) over former Rep. Brian Bilbray (R) in the final days of the campaign."

Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) abrupt cancellation of a planned fundraiser for Bilbray gave Busby an opening to tout her support for the popular senator’s immigration plan.

In addition, anti-immigration candidate William Griffith, endorsed by the San Diego Minutemen, is on the ballot and has the potential to draw "even a relatively small number of unhappy conservatives from Bilbray [and become] a ‘spoiler’ candidate."

Busby faces the near impossible task of winning in a district with a 14.6 percent GOP advantage, Only four Republican districts in California have flipped to the Democratic Party in the last 40 years; and they were only marginally Republican, at that.

Folks, if sweet Francine pulls out a win, expect a Democratic landslide in the fall.

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