Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tom Delay and His New Home in Virginia

As folks know, disgraced Rep. Tom DeLay is resigning from Congress on June 9 and moving to Alexandria Virginia.

From Howling Latina's perch, this is yet one more slap in the face to voters in DeLay's home district in Texas.

No gratitude to the people who provided all the perks of Congress since 1984; it's thanks for the memories but I'm off to Virginia.

Ungrateful thieving, scam artist!

Of course he's moving here. He can't properly lobby Congress from Texas. You didn't expect the bum to go quietly into the night did you? He is one of God's annointed!
Hey fauquier dan, thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts:)
Well he won his primary, took the money from that primary and is paying his legal fees. Now, says Texas law, he has to reside elsewhere so as to rightfully quit and keep the money he took from his neighbors. Is that in his Good Book or what? We should all show up with Webb signs and cow bells as he moves in. Tom, you are a real piece of work. P.S. If I were his neighbor, I would watch out, look what he did in Texas, or at least that is what the trial is all about. kc.
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