Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Spiritual Musings

Howling Latina usually attends worship service at least once a month, whether she needs to or not; and it's usually the first Sunday of the month.

Of course, today is the first Sunday in June. And on my next to do list for today, HL will be contacting voters in Loudoun County on behalf of James Webb for the upcoming Democratic primary.

This will be my only post today.

However, HL would like to leave readers who visit my site with an article from Times India titled, "God is Love."

The writing once again reveals a vision of God as the permeating spirit of every faith, person and deed; the root of life, to its tiniest sub-atomic particle.

For those who enjoy connecting to the deep recess of their soul, the Times India article is an awesomely instructive read --a tiny sacred vent to truth and knowledge.

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