Sunday, June 04, 2006

Response to Mason Conservative from a GMU Patriot

Mason Conservative asked a series of questions that he believes will surely shipwreck the former Navy secretary's bid to become Virginia's next senator.

Obviously, MC has never read anything by James Webb; the thought that lightweight George Felix Allen would instill fear in Webb by virtue of Allen's big ideas and his heavyweight cerebral power is hilarious.

Now Howling Latina can't speak for James Webb, so she won't. But she can speak of how Democrats in the Senate she respects voted on the issues MC raised.

Regarding extending Bush's tax hikes to the next generation of Americans, the answer is no.

Yes to Roberts, and no to Alito.

Yes to reproductive freedom for women.

As for immigration, raise employer fines, add more border security and allow eventual citizenship for ALL immigrants.

And finally, as to Bush's elective war in Iran, that's a holy mess, thanks to our fearless cowboy leader and the neocon nitwits in his administration.

What is important and noteworthy is Webb's opposition to the war, before it was cool.

Webb presciently wrote in a Washington Post op-ed on Sept. 2, 2002 that this nation "was heading for trouble." And rhetorically asked if America "really want[ed] to occupy Iraq for the next 30 years.

Here's just a snippet of the prophetic and discerning words from the most qualified candidate in the Senate race; and yes, that includes Felix.

America's best military leaders know that they are accountable to history not only for how they fight wars, but also for how they prevent them. The greatest military victory of our time -- bringing an expansionist Soviet Union in from the cold while averting a nuclear holocaust -- was accomplished not by an invasion but through decades of intense maneuvering and continuous operations.

He was right in 2002; and Howling Latina trusts Webb to make the right choices when in comes to national security and the war in Iraq.

In the sage words of President Bush, "Fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again." Or you shouldn't.

Now, Democrats, you still want to vote for Harris Miller because...?

What's not being said: Iran has a legitimate economic case for nuclear power - which is why the US encouraged and supported Irans' nuclear program. A few articles on US/European participation in Iran's nuclear program are found at "Blast From the Past" entry at -- see
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