Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Porky Scott

As Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter obstructs compromising with the Senate for a two-year budget in Virginia, he's not too principled to seek $$$ for his pet pork projects.

Last week, the Associated Press via Daily Press reported that the House Finance Committee "tabled four Senate transportation bills" as the House and Senate tr[ied] to work out an agreement."

The House, which opposes tax increases proposed by the Senate, has insisted on passing the budget first and postponing the transportation debate until another special session in the fall.
Yet only a day later, the Daily Press noted how Scottie decries runaway spending, except when he is the one doing all the spending.

Here are some of the spending requests submitted by Lingamfelter during the recently concluded regular session of the General Assembly:

Poultry litter control strategy, $100,000
State police housing allowance, $44 million
Relocation of Route 215, $24.8 million
Route 15/29/17 Opal interchange, $33 million
Route 28 spot improvements, $2 million
Financial and management review of state agencies, $11 million
Fisher House Foundation, $1 million
VMI parking facility, $950,000
VMI scholarships, $294,000.
Now Howling Latina is sure not all items shown are pork. But why money for VMI parking facilities and scholarships and none for some other educational institution, like say Hampton University or Norfolk State?!?

Hmmm, could the fact that Lingamfelter is a Virginia Military Institute alumni have anything to do with his faithful support?!?

And just where does Scotty think the cash is going to come for all that wild spending, if not taxpayers' money?!?

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