Monday, May 08, 2006

More GOP Misfire

Equal to the latest lame wedge issue of wild "fehreigners" crossing our U.S. borders, Karl Rove is now down to begging his troops to please, pretty please, turn out and vote in the fall.

With cataclysmic calls that if GOPers stay home the end of the world will come, a front-page story in the Washington Post says that Rove is using the "threat of loss" to motivate Republican voters.

You see, if Republicans don't turn out in mass numbers, gasp, Democrats will take over Congress; and immediately move to "put Mr. Bush and his policies on political trial." All it takes is for them to win "control of even one chamber of Congress."

Hmmm, Howling Latina seems to recall an old poll where the public expressed a desire for Democrats to push back against GOP excesses; and recent surveys consistently show the public trusts the Democratic Party to lead them out of the lethal fiery desert of Republican-controlled government.

Karl, your stale campaign line will only work with your hard-core base, but one pesky problem. The base is not a majority. You have to convince a few Independents along the way; and they are saying with one clear voice, "ENOUGH, no mas, por favor!"

Independent voters could give a rat's butt if Democratic senators have the entire administration before their Congressional committees; it's about the high cost of gasoline, the worrisome mounting debt, the endless war in Iraq, homeland security, natural disasters, stagnant wages, agonizing high cost of health care and insurance, in other words, way, way too many Americans are not only much worst today than they were in 2000 but even 2004!

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