Friday, May 05, 2006

Meet the Press

Jolly, jolly, looks like now that Democrats are poised to take over the House in the fall, media whores are falling all over themselves to book them into their studios.

This Sunday, "Meet the Press" will feature House Democratic Leader (and very soon Speaker of the House) Nancy Pelosi.

The interview is to focus on the high cost of gasoline, "immigration, the war in Iraq, and the 2006 Elections."

Afterwards, Dan Balz of the Washington Post and Todd Purdum of Vanity Fair will discuss with Russert what it all means.

Purdum recently wrote a Dick Cheney profile, titled "A Face Only a President Could Love." The article "traces the Vice President's transformation into one of American politics' most controversial figures."

Finally, comedian and political impersonator Steve Bridges will join the show. He's the guy who was "funning" with Bush last Saturday at the White House correspondent dinner.

Well folks, kick back and enjoy the show! And maybe next week, Russert will invite Steve Colbert.

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