Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Lerner Group "Wins" Nationals

The Washington Post reports that it's official, the Nationals will be sold for $450 million to the Lerner Group.

As Howling Latina wrote yesterday, the whole process stinks to high-heaven; and apparently, the Post agrees.

You see, the "exclusive club" decided from the very beginning to "sell" the club not to the highest bidder, but to use some inside criteria only known to themselves.

However, where the Post and HL part company is when the paper opines that charges of "renting blacks" and "window dressing" by the Lerner Group are baseless. According to the Post, the Lerner Group "is more diverse by race and gender than the groups led by his chief rivals."

Hmmm, noting the inclusion of "gender" in the Post definition of diversity, do they include Jewish females minority partners twice-over?!?

This is not meant as any slight on the faith of Jacob and David; it's just that many moons ago, HL worked at a downtown insurance broker office who serviced most of the book of business for Teddie Lerner and his kinfolks; and their staff was hardly the beacon of light for minorities.

If the Lerner Group does indeed have substantial minority partners, let's have their names and stake in the new franchise!

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