Thursday, May 04, 2006

Friends of Claude Allen

Friends of disgraced White House policy adviser Claude Allen are looking for a few good men and women to help him and his family in their financial hour of need.

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that a "group of Allen friends sent a letter April 15" asking for them to help the "poor Allens [who] are having a difficult time".

You know, all those pesky legal bills to defend him are mounting up.

So please share the love, GOPers, like you've done in the past for Libby, DeLay, Rove, Noe, Reed, Mehlman, Matricardi, and the Virginia and New Hampshire Republican Parties.

But wait...whatever happened to the GOP campaign canard about accountability and the pulling oneself up by the bootstraps approach to life?!?

Hmmm, looks like Republican lawbreakers now just want to make us poor law abiding citizens give them a free get-out-of-jail-card.

Señor Senador George Allen, where is your moral outrage?!?

I mean, why should private citizens reward criminal behavior by helping cretins raise money for their legal bills?!? Lock them up, and throw away the keys; wasn't that your campaign mantra in 1993?!? Please, please don't tell me you've gotten soft on crime in your latest reinvention?!?

If Claude was big and bad enough to go shoplifting at a Target or Hechts or some other store to the tune of more than $5,000, he should quit his whining and take his punishment.

Take responsibility, you weasel!

In the meantime, HL sure hopes Allen did all his "shopping" in Maryland; you know George Allen's "truth-in-sentencing law," hard time for hard crime in Virginia.

Let's take a minute to reflect on the good grace of Democratic senators who had the vision and foresight to block Allen's nomination to the Fourth Court of Appeals, despite being chastised by the Richmond Times-Dispatch for rejecting the man they labeled as an "excellent choice." And keep that at the forefront as more right wing wackos try to get lifetime appointments to the courts.

Total hypocrites.
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