Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Any questions for Mr. Miller?!?

Howling Latina just received an invitation to Fauquier's Supper Club. It's a once-a-month meeting to hook up with other Democrats in Fauquier County.

This Sunday a very special guess will be honored.

Drum Roll...!!!!

Yes, Senate candidate Harris Miller; and from the buzz at the last Fauquier County Democratic meeting, locals have bit the poisoned fruit that is Miller's campaign of Webb dissembling.

Webb is not a real Democrat; he can't be trusted, bladdy, bladdy blah (for more Miller talking points, go to Alice Marshall's Web site).

So HL needs Webb supporters to come up with a couple of good questions (no snark) to ask Miller, so "persuadable" folks in Warrenton can see why Miller is the wrong candidate for the Senate in '06.

Nothing personal, it's just that Webb is the "bomb" that will nuke George "Gooper" Allen's presidential ambitions and bring a Senate majority to Democrats in the fall.

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"Mr. Miller:

In view of the fact that the most pressing issues in this year's senate campaign are:

1) immigration,
2) lobbyists, and
3) opposition to the War in Iraq

How are you, an immigration lobbyist who supports the War in Iraq, a credible candidate, let alone a better candidate than Jim Webb, a man who:

1) has no immigration "baggage" (sorry HL),
2) has never taken a nickel to lobby Congress, and
3) opposed the War in Iraq before it ever began.

Isn't Jim Webb a better candidate than you?"
How about: Are you in favor of the "Skil Bill"?
What is your position on H.R. 4378? What amendments do you not agree with and why not?
How many H-1B and L-1 visa holders are currently living and working in the U.S.? And what is your position on the F-4 visa?
The Sunday Supper Club is progressive but is not a party entity. We also have not swallowed Miller's nonsense. I for one am a charter member of the group and came out early and strongly for Webb.
I am also sorry I missed the meeting this month.
I went to the meeting Sunday night, and it was excellent. I went in a Webb supporter, and now I am also a Harris Miller supporter. Miller faced our questions, and clearly won several active supporters with his elaborate and nuanced replies. The over riding impression is that both Miller and Webb would be good choices, and both have a very real shot at kicking George Allen out of office.

I am overjoyed we have such good choices this year.
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