Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Joining Shawn O'Donnell

Shawn O'Donnell wants to turn the state of Virginia blue and has been endorsed by the Virginia chapter of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA).

He is self-described "pro-labor business executive" who stands with fellow Democrats and their core values of inclusion, fairness, equal opportunity for all, quality education, the environment, collective bargaining, affordable health care and a strong national defense.

In other words, every sentiment that I agree with.

Here's what he had to say to his fellow Virginians via Raising Kaine right before publicly announcing his candidacy.

During the past five years, average Americans have suffered the consequences of the incompetent, corrupt, immoral, radical right, regressive Republican administration of George W. Bush. Every step of the way he has been aided and abetted by Republican rubber stamp cohorts in Congress like Jo Ann Davis (R-VA-01). The results have been a devastating disaster for our country.

During this administration, Americans watched in horror on 9/11 as the hijacked planes hit the towers and the Pentagon while Bush sat frozen in a Sarasota classroom reading My Pet Goat, then flew all over the county like a scared rabbit. This was soon followed by the inappropriate invasion and occupation of Iraq as Bush sent our brave men and women into harm?s way based on distortions and outright lies, and without adequate protective armor, equipment, or planning. After more than two and a half years in that quagmire, there are now more than 2,100 American soldiers dead and thousands more injured and wounded, many horribly.
O'Donnell welcomes the challenge to represent Virginian with honest government. Davis is just another rubber-stamp Republican awash in Washington's culture of corruption. She voted the "rubber-stamp" party line a whopping 94 percent of the time.

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