Sunday, April 09, 2006

Halliburton Making Our Soldiers Sick

The Houston Chronicle reports that Halliburton has been providing contaminated water to our soldiers in Iraq.

It seems an army doctor sent an e-mail to an aide of Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., and complained that she had witnessed "six infections over a two-week period in January [while] at the same time noticing the water in base showers was cloudy and foul-smelling."

How lovely; and we pay Halliburton how many billions of dollars?!?

Capt. A. Michelle Callahan, "a family physician serving at Qayyarah Airfield West, "Key West" as the soldiers fondly refer to it, wrote that "follow-up testing of the water soldiers were using to bathe, shave and even brush their teeth revealed evidence of coliform and E. coli bacteria."
Halliburton subsidiary KBR was responsible for treating water at that base, under a contract to provide logistical support to U.S. troops.
Oh yes, support the troops; keep them American flags flying; and those red, white and blue ribbons affixed to your desk, car, mailbox, door, windows or chimney; every possible pole, surface or orifice.

But more importantly, please vote for every able-bodied Democrat who runs for office in the fall. Our soldiers are counting on you.

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