Tuesday, April 04, 2006

George Allen Backs Tough Immigration Law

Taking a page from his old campaign sloganeering, Sen. George "Gomer Pyle" Allen is back in the saddle with a wedge issue he hopes to take to the White House.

Like 1993, Allen has some tough talk for lawbreaking cretins; not the Tom Delay, Duke Cunnigham, Jack Abramoff, Scooter Libby, Robert Taft, David Safavian, Tom Noe, Claude Allen variety; nope, our cowboy hero is gunning for some illegal "illegals," the kind that go to work and mow our lawns, watch our kids, prune our trees and ring up our Happy Meals.

Them dastardly "fereigners."
I don't think that we ought to be passing anything that rewards illegal behavior or amnesty," Allen solemnly told the nation this Sunday on "This Week."
The crime wave of "fereigners" crossing our borders must be stopped. America demands no less, don't you know?!?

NewsMax from the dark side reports that Allen feels any guest worker program would be equal to "rewarding illegal behavior . . . It allows those who are here illegally then to get in line to become a citizen. If we have a reward for illegal behavior all we'll get is more illegal behavior. I want us to secure our borders."

Okay. Using that very same logic, Republicans should come out front and center with a new Congressional edict that any legislator who breaks chamber rules will not be rewarded with ANY campaign funds.

No money for Noe, no $$$ for Harris, no $$$ for Santurum, no $$$ for Black, and certainly no $$$ for Frist in '08.

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