Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Few Good Men Are Still Available

With the recent news of Mary Matalin joining the presidential, er, I mean senate campaign of George Allen, the Washington Post reports a few Bush "advisers" remain available to potential '08 presidential candidates, such as White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and GOP National Chairman Ken Mehlman.

Of course, with Patrick Fitzgerald still looming in the horizon and Rove's inescapable link to all that is shady and corrupt in the Bush administration, maybe his political chits are not worth as much in the current election cycle.

And with the soon-to-come expected congressional blood bath by Republicans in the fall, Mehlman's stock has likely also fallen.

Hey, I read somewhere that Rep. Tom DeLay plans to register as a lobbyist; yep, he's going to challenge the law that prevents him from lobbying former colleagues for two years and be back in the saddle before you can say, "hee-haw."

But maybe he'll delay his godly-inspired calling to lobby and instead join up with the presidential team of one of his bestest pals from the gang of hopefuls. After all, the Houston Chronicle reports DeLay is quite unhappy with the current cast of leaders in the conservative movement.
"Right now, it's my opinion that the conservative movement is leaderless and we need a strong leader to pull the movement together, and I want to go out there and try to do that," DeLay [said].
Hmmm...wonder if any presidential candidate would be interested?!? Yes, add DeLay to the list of available Republican henchmen.

Maybe John McCain needs a guide through happy fundi land.
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