Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another GOP Corrupt Politician

The man who blessed the Diebold machines in Ohio and was single-handedly responsible for all that monkey business during the 2004 presidential election now admits that he owns shares in Diebold.

Yes, just another innocent Republican who holds stock in a "blind trust" that happens to serendipitously benefit from acts of the "accidental" stockholder.

The Associated Press reports Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell purchased Diebold stock, a clear conflict of interest, unwittingly, of course.

In the law of karma, Diebold stocks haven't done too well lately because of all the bad news about its reliability. Blackwell bought his shares in January 2005, only a few months before he ordered every county in Ohio to purchase touch-screens at $2,700 a pop from Diebold.

Like everyone keeps repeating, "It's the CORRUPTION, STUPID!

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