Saturday, March 04, 2006

Swiftboated by the A-Hole that Started it ALL

In their lastest newsletter, NewsMax happily sent me a letter from John Kerry's old pal, Swiftboat Liar John O'Neill.

Bragging of single-handedly taking care of Kerry in 2004, O'Neill now wants to take his one-pony show on the road to Vermont.

Republican Greg Park is running against eight-term congressman Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the state's lone House representative, for the open seat being vacated by Sen. James Jefforts, an independent. who is retiring at the end of his term.

Yes, tell the good folks from the Green Mountain State that the guy they've been electing for the past 16 years years is a menace to their state and nation -- too radical to be even labeled a liberal -- according to the e-mail underwriten by Friends of Greg Parke.

And just who are these Friends of Greg?!? Well, it seems Park's "bestest" pals are folks from everywhere besides Vermont, according to their fourth quarter 2005 campaign donor list. People who are stupid enough to open their wallets to O'Neill's financial call to arms.

Here's what O'Neill had to say about Sanders:

Bernie Sanders is treated like a "hero" by liberal Hollywood elites and just about every left-wing radical special interest group they are all pouring money into his campaign. In fact, the radical far left group raised more than $100,000 for Sanders in just one weekend. This liberal support has given Sanders a massive campaign war chest and a distinct advantage in this race.

The horror, the HORROR! Looks like I'll have to send a check to Señor Sanders, for sure.

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