Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Take away Virginia from Red State and Squarely Place Her Under Swing State...

Former Secretary of State under the Reagan administration will run for the Democratic senate seat in Virginia, the Washington Post reports.

A rumor no more, the one-time Marine Vietnam War veteran and recipient of the Navy Cross, Silver Star and two Purple Hearts, will file the requisite papers to run this week, according to the Post.

For the last few months, Virginia's blogosphere has been abuzz with anxious anticipation that Secretary Webb would indeed challenge One-Horse-Allen for his senate seat. Allen was a one-term governor, one-term congressman and is now a one-term senator.

Let's help make it a trifecta, no...?

After the recent run-away win by a Democrat in Loudoun County, I had a very strong notion that Webb would toss his hat into the ring. In a special election, a previous Republican district overwhelmingly voted for the Democratic candidate.

Yes, it has been a very long time since the political climate in Virginia was as propitious for Democrats as it is in 2006.

Huge hat tip to Raising Kaine and Draft James Webb for working so hard to get Webb to run. No doubt they'll have more intimate details on the subject. For today, let's savor the good news; and then work together to bring a win for Webb in the primaries, and then in November.

The former secretary brings not only a fresh voice with gravitas on the issue of foreign policy, but as author of a host of books, he also brings a seriousness of mind to domestic policies; and for those who wonder whether Webb is a true Democrat or not, wonder no more. He has promised to "look very hard" at the issue of "fairness in our society" and speak out on the issues that matter to everyday Americans.

Webb will "'focus on issues such as 'reinstituting true fairness in domestic policies' to better favor middle- and low-income families; repairing the nation's 'basic infrastructure'; and 'restoring the traditional role of Congress' by checking the growth of presidential authority since September 11th, 2001."

Well, praise the Lord and a thousand Hosannahs! Take away the red state label from the ledger and place a square swing state banner instead. Yes Virginia, we've got us a race!

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