Friday, February 03, 2006

Rubber Stamp Congress

Elated to see the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee adopt former Maj. Paul Hackett of Ohio's battle cry from last August; he nearly won a special election for a congressional seat in an overwhelmingly red district in Ohio.

The DCCC has a new rubber stamp Web site with links to Republican members for each state, and a very special link with their levels of rubber stamp voting.

What a grreat idea!

When Hackett used the term during the special election, I knew it was a winning slogan and spoke of it. Here's what I had to say on the subject of framing an opponent as a Republican rubber stamp last summer:

[H]is framing of Schmidt as a Taft “rubber stamp” went a long way in framing his opponet; and it could also be the meme [for] future elections [that] lead[s] to success for Democrats countrywide.

In Ohio, people responded when you told them Hackett would bring a fresh, independent voice to Congress. They were fed up with Republican clones who always vote exactly alike...

Sure beats the dickens out of the lame Democrats latest slogan, "Together, we can do better."

I mean, yes we can but... only by reminding voters how Congress has rubber stamped the White House policies that have ruined our country.

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