Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Luckless Allen lost another one to Democrats~

Boo hoo, poor Georgie didn't seem to have a whole lot of influence with 33rd District voters in Virginia. He's lost his mojo, if he ever had any.

And this guy wants to be president? Hell, he better start worrying about his upcoming election to the Senate in November.

Yes, only this past weekend, Allen was busy telling Loudoun County Republicans just how crucial Mick Staton's election was to the state legislature; but looks like he was about as helpful to Staton as the last-minute campaign stop by Bush last November on behalf of Kilgore.


Of course, a casual look at a news story on Election Day by the Loudoun Easterner foretold the painful truth that awaited Allen and his merry band of lemons, er...I mean fellow Republicans.

On Saturday, in an effort to electrify the party faithful to vote on Tuesday, "each [party's] candidate brought in [some] help."

Democrats packed the Waddell Theater on NOVA's Loudoun campus for a visit from Virginia's new governor, Tim Kaine, on behalf of Mark Herring. Just two hours later, local Republican activists crowded into a home in Broadlands to hear U.S. Senator George Allen stress the importance of getting Mick Staton elected

After the huge loss, looks like stressing "Republican values" won't do the trick anymore. In other words, that shaggy dog is bone-tired and can't hunt no more!

To the delight of Democrats, the margin of victory was 62 to 38 percent. I mean, it wasn't even close.

Are you listening One-Pony-Ken Cuccinnelli?

Progressive bloggers and voters in Virginia should unite and do everything possible to defeat this brainless menace for a senator who represents the 37th District. in Northern Virginia.

And if you want a chuckle, go visit his Website. Read about his innovative transportation plan and his joke of a plan for education.

Have a good laugh; and then a good cry.

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