Thursday, January 05, 2006

What'z your hurry, dear fellers...

When news came out about Bush eavesdropping on American citizens, Rep. Nancy Pellowski, D-CA., suggested a vote for Judge Alito might just have to wait until Congress could learn more about administration high-jinks regarding FISA.

FISA, or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, was passed by Congress to protect Americans from domestic spying after abuses during Watergate. The 1978 law prohibited the government from spying without judicial oversight.

Pres. Bush elected to ignore the law; and after the New York Times broke the story, the president had little choice but to come clean. I mean after the Plame-Rove-Libby fiasco, what else could he do...? Lying was not an option.

So the president admitted he broke the law; and the vice president now insists that presidential prerogatives allow him to do so.

The Washington Post reported today that Democrats have opted to exercise the one-week rule between hearings and confirmation on Alito. The judge will have to wait at least a week before his nomination is brought to the Senate floor.

Well Hallelujah and a thousand Hosannahs! Anything to put the brakes on the nomination and bring a little transparency to the Alito judicial nomination process. This is the guy who wrote about “unitary executive” privilege, a legal theory that confers unfettered power to the executive branch.

Americans have the right to know if Alito still thinks Roe v. Wade was wrongfully decided. Or his views on the one man, one vote rule. Is it now archaic and so 20th century…? And how about the pesky notion of congressional oversight...? Does Alito think that the president possesses unlimited power when he signs a bill by simply penning “a signing statement” of what the law means, irrespective of explicit congressional directives…?

Yes, in view of Alito rulings, writings and judicial bent, Americans need the light of truth to shine on Judge Alito; and find out as much as possible about him before Congress rubber stamps his candidacy to a life time appointment.

Presidential power grabbing and the Constitution demand no less.

Give them hell!
The thing that astonishes me about the NSA case that seems to be flying over the collective heads of the American public, when to all the rest of the world, this seems to be no different (worse, in fact) to what brought Richard Nixon down. Where's the outrage?

Hey by the way, I've been lurking reading your RSS feed for a while - I like your blog, keep up the good work! :)
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